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  • SJZ Chenghui chemical co ltd

  •  [Hebei,China]
  • İş türü:Dağıtıcı / Toptancı , Üretici firma
  • Main Mark: Asya , Diğer Piyasalar , Batı Avrupa
  • İhracatçı:81% - 90%
  • certs:ISO9002
  • Açıklama:Potassium Silicate Adhesive,Potassium Silicate Binder,Potassium Silicate Anhydrous
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SJZ Chenghui chemical co ltd

Potassium Silicate Adhesive,Potassium Silicate Binder,Potassium Silicate Anhydrous

Anasayfa > Ürünler > Silikat > potassium aluminium silicate-based pearlescent pigments

potassium aluminium silicate-based pearlescent pigments

Paylaştığınız için:  
    Ödeme şekli: L/C,T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    Min. sipariş: 5 Metric Ton
    Teslim süresi: 10 Gün

Temel bilgi

Görünüm: Katı

Standart Sınıf: Endüstriyel Dönem

Solubleness: Çözünür Alkali

Kalite: Birinci sınıf

Modulus: 2.95-3.10

K2O %: 22.5-30.5

Na2O %: 7.79-10.51

SiO2 %: 57.58-68.17

Appearance: Powder

Additional Info

Ambalaj: 1000kgs jumbo bag

Verimlilik: 10000 mts per year

Marka: Chenghui

Ulaşım: Ocean

Menşe yeri: Hebei China

Yetenek kaynağı: 10000 mts

Ürün Açıklaması

Potassium silicate is almost universally used to settle and bind phosphors to the face of black and white television picture tubes, as well as color projection TV tubes. E200 grade is produced from high-purity raw materials for this application, and other electronics applications needing ultra-high purity. These phosphor screens are prepared by mixing the phosphor with an electronicsgrade potassium silicate solution and introducing this mixture into a clean tube filled with a dilute electrolyte solution such as strontium silicate. A gel forms around the individual phosphor particles, which then settle to the bottom of the tube. The strength of the phosphor-to-glass bond is a function of the concentrations of silica, potassium oxide, and electrolyte, as well as of trace irons, water purity, settling time and temperature. Compatibility is excellent with the wide range of phosphors. Uniform films are obtained in contrast to sodium silicate, which binds in an erratic, uneven manner. The very high purity of E200 insures that each phosphor will emit the desired color without influence by contaminants.

Product Description

Product name: Potassium polysilicate

CAS NO:1312-76-1

EINECS NO:231-560-6
Purity: ≥99%
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Appearance:Transparent glass lump.

potassium silicate


1. Potassium silicate products are mainly used in welding, detergents, refractory materials, construction materials production, but also for a variety of coating binder.
2. Potassium silicate can also be used for corrosion aspects: potassium silicate clay, potassium silicate mortar paving block material surface layer can be used for ground, pit, trench lining equipment base surface and pools, slot.
3. In addition, potassium silicate, or specialty fertilizer and fire manufacturing silicide basic materials.


Liquid/Solution:200 L drums or as per clients` request
Solid:1000kg,1250kg jumbo bag ,bulk vessel or ae per client's request

potassium silicate

potassium silicate

Why Choose Us?
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Our products meet MSDS safe standard and we have ISO and other certificate so yan can get high quality products from our company.
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We can do according to the customers' request.
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The products can be transported by Courier, by air or by sea
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We offer specialized logistic service including export declaration,customs clearance and every detail during shipment,this makes us able to offer you one-stop service from the order to the products transported to your hand.

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